Live Postrock:I Like Trains - 013, Tilburg, 15/5/2013

iliketrainsI Like Trains, playing live in my hometown. That's something I wanted to see and hear! Just recently, I had that opportunity. Small review + 2 live videos inside!


I Like Trains plays postrock-esque music with hypnotizing melodically spoken lyrics by David Martin. They have a big repertoire of music with some great releases of albums like "He Who Saw the Deep, The Shallows, Progress Reform and the insanely awesome instrumental EP "The Christmas Tree Ship. A nice history of great music with a lot of tracks that kind of stay "in the middle" soundwise. It's not a band with giant vocal screams or shredding instrumental parts. These are tracks for people that pay attention to the smaller details. If you do just that, you'll hear a lot of diversity in their music that won't appear after a couple of listening-sessions. A lot of the detail get lost while listening to this music on your mp3-player while travelling to work.

I hoped that those details will be more clear while hearing them live and yes... that worked very good. This is great music and is best experienced live. The "smaller details" are much more clear live. They needed a couple of songs to get the sound right (Low vocals, drums too loud), which had a negative effect on one of their best tracks, Mnemosyne, from the "The Shallows" album. But after 3 tracks, they hit the sweet-spot and had a good gig for far too small a crowd. But hey... that's often the case in the Netherlands... The setlist was a nice mix with tracks from diverse albums with a big portion of tracks from the "He Who Saw the Deep" - album. David Martin is a charming performer and had some fun with the crowd about the Dutch word for Police, which is "Politie" but the way he pronounced it, it's "Polite-y", so they must be very friendly" He even had the crowd singing "Happy birthday" for one of the biggest fans of the band. He had fun performing and that kind of connection is also fun for the people inside. "Reykjavik" from the "The Shallows" - album was the highlight of the evening, which you can enjoy down below. If you have doubts about their music and there's an opportunity to see I Like Trains live, go, go, go... this music live is much better then the already great albums.

Reykjavik, live @013 Tilburg

We Saw The Deep, live @013 Tilburg