Live Postrock: Atlantis playing live at Roadburn 2012 festival

Atlantis Playing live at Roadburn 2012

Atlantis let ears bleed at Roadburn Festival 2012 Tilburg. Want to see and hear how? Vids inside!
It's a good thing that Atlantis played at Roadburn Festival 2012. This Stoner, Doom, Metal festival hosts some of the loudest bands / music your ears can cope on this earth. With adding Atlantis to the roster, it stimulates the fact that Postrock oriƫntated bands can also be loud, heavy and appeal to stoner / metal fans around. Regarding Atlantis performance at Roadburn 2012, the listeners really got into the music and the result was a spectacular loud show full of heavy guitars, electronics and cheering people. My ears were ringing afterwards, but boy oh boy, it was fantastic!

The first half of the one hour performance was full of loud tracks / tunes to really deliver their message to the Roadburn visitors. I think a lot of listeners where positively surprised of the quality of Atlantis ripping the stage. It set the mood for a relatively more quiet second half of the show with tracks like "Everest" that really has to build up 6 minutes before splitting your skull open. As mentioned in the Review of La Petite Mort a couple of days ago, "Everest" and "Esther" are great live tracks, that show off the qualities of Atlantis.

What a way to end a tour for this Band!

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Atlantis, Playing "Everest" Live @ Roadburn 2012

Atlantis, Playing "Mata Hari's Kiss" Live @ Roadburn 2012

Atlantis, Playing "Give me one more Hour" Live @ Roadburn 2012

Atlantis, Ripping the Roadburn Stage