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65DaysofStatic - live at Incubate 2014
"Great piano-tunes that develops in a boosting sound where classical music blends into shredding postrock / triphop and much more"

All Shall be Well - Blauwgeel
" Highly recommended and I’m truly proud to say this fantastic music was made right here, in tiny Holland!"

Amp Rive - Irma Vep
"Open up to Amp Rive and drift along on this emotional trip".

Atlantis - La Petite Mort
"If you want to know how creative and loud the instrumental rockmusic-genre can sound, buy this album right now!"

Blueneck - Live at Little Devil Tilburg
...Duncan had a great voice and when the big reward is coming, it’s f*cking fantastic. "

Cartographer - Live at de Lakei Helmond
 "From slow, moving segments to all out force, it’s hard to imagine this band is from the same region where I live. Quite possibly the best Postrockband of our small country and I highly recommend you their music."

Caspian - Dust & Disquiet
It’s a gut-wrenching, emotional tour-de-force with lots of humanity and in the end…. an important positive message.

Caspian - Waking Season
"This week, my Postrock adventure was single-handedly occupied by Caspian – Waking Season!"

Dunk! 2014 festival review What a grand finale, what a band…. 10/10. Sounds cliche, but holy shit…!

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Dunk! 2018 festival review

Frames - Live At Lakei Helmond
"For me as a fan, it was great seeing and hearing them live but I can only imagine and hope seeing them live in a gig that better represents their quality."

Her Name is Calla - Live at W2 poppodium Den Bosch"These guys take you on a journey and you believe everything they are playing and singing"

I Could Float Here Forever - Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea, Appendix A
"A perfect finish for this tale and album where the dead are laid to rest and the listener will feel fulfilled."

Iliketrains - live at 013 Tilburg
"this music live is much better then the already great albums."

Kwoon - live at W2 Den Bosch
"After hearing and seeing this track live, I got the feeling I just watched and heard the possibly perfect track. Holy shit, that was intense. "

Late Night Venture - Pioneers of Spaceflight
"Easily recommended for introducing the genre, but don’t make a mistake here: even “old” fans have something dark and tasty here, which they can enjoy"

Long Distance Calling - TRIPS
" Like it or not, but for me this album is a damn fine execution to more accessible tunes without losing the essence of their older works."

Maybeshewill - Live at the Y theatre
"Intensity is the game here and Maybeshewill delivers with a great edited video and quality sounds of their fantastic music"

Mogwai - 013 Tilburg live
"The sound at 013 was loud but crystal clear, the light show was fantastic and the audience enjoyed the hell out of Mogwai!

Our Ceasing Voice - That Day Last November
"But is it not the feeling of grief, loss, despair that can make you feel so alive? That question lingers and OCV made the perfect soundtrack!"

Soup - Remedies
"But hey, as always with fantastic music:  You can create your own stories and associations . And that’s another great element of this release:  you can ponder your own thoughts, while enjoying one hell of a great album. A must buy for sure!"

Slowrun - Prologue
" I’m still intrigued and interested by Finnish Slowrun. It’s like a rough diamond.

The American Dollar - Awake in the City
"it’s really soothing, creative, positive music that a lot of listeners will enjoy. Awake in the City is highly recommended!"

This Will Destroy You - live at Incubate 2014
"A fantastic journey where the crowd was transported to a better world and a big statement that this music is truly beautiful"