So far as I Know - Cosmogony

So Far As I Know – Cosmogony

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So far as I Know - CosmogonyAnother edition to the must-view Postrock section. Featuring Russian based So Far As I Know – Cosmogony. Discover right here why this is a must view and hear Postrock track!


The symbiosis between music and visuals can be amazing. I advice any Postrock band to use visuals in your live show, it’s that more captivating. Some Postrock bands have the guts to invest in a videoclip, accompanying their tunes. The marriage between the visuals and music in the track Cosmogony pays off.

The track is a combination of synths sounds, a great piano tune, electric drums and soaring guitars. It has a great build-up that develops in a soaring guitar track that radiates everything you see in the accompanied video. The videos features samples from the preparation and lift-off of Yuri Gagarin, the first man that left the confines of earth. The title of this track is Cosmogony, which means: “any model concerning the origin of either the cosmos or universe” That’s a good fit, because the track totally captures this concept.

In the beginning, you witness beautiful imagery of the earth from space. The track speeds up a bit which introduces the viewer to the preparation fase and then slowly builds up rather nice, to the lift-off of the space rocket where the track manages to evoke “everything” that’s associated with space travelling and discovering. It’s a captivating track that leaves a lasting impression, also due to the great visuals. It has that weird, retro-syfy atmosphere to it and could be a great ending-credits theme to a fantastic space movie.

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