Must Hear Postrock: Tides from Nebula – These Days, Glory Days

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DIGI_6.cdrPoland based Tides from Nebula played a rather excellent show at  Dunk! 2014 festival and is a fantastic band within the genre. Listen to These Days, Glory Days…..Top Notch Must-Hear postrock! 



These Days, Glory Days is the opener of Tides from Nebula’s second album “Earthshine” Sound-wise and visually, an almost perfect album. This is an album that has a great, coherent atmosphere of the organic world we live in. This track sets the mood for the entire album perfectly. A calm opening with a soothing piano, which gains momentum at around 1.40 minutes with great rhythmic drums and guitars. The 6.45 minutes track climaxes at the 3 minute mark and leaves the listener in  head-wobbing awe. This track depicts travelling, the organic earth and the soil we walk on. A perfect companion while discovering the world.

Be sure to get the physical release of this album, as the artwork is brilliant with a foldable stream-booklet that evolves in an atmospheric mountain-scenery that complements the great music on it.

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