Boundless festival

Event: Boundless Festival – W2 Den Bosch

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Wow, seems like Postrock is getting some more attention in the Netherlands. Discover the awesome bands that will play on “Boundless festival” April 8, W2 Poppodium – Den Bosch and read why you should come!            

No Man's Sky logo

No Man’s Sky and 65daysofstatic

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Yesterday was the release of the highly anticipated videogame No Man’s Sky. A game that I followed closely for years, especially after the news got out that 65daysofstatic was on board to make the official soundtrack and ambient soundscapes. After watching the first images and gameplay in 2013, man, this videogame and the music of 65Daysofstatic is one […]


Dunk! 2017 edition: Line-up suggestions

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In the afterglow of the great Dunk! 2016 festival, let’s speculate a bit about the upcoming 2017 edition. Here’s my suggestion of bands that would be great to have at Dunk! 2017! 

2001 space odyssey

M83 and Stanley Kubricks “2001: a Space Oddyssey”

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Sometimes, you discover a kind of revelation. I just saw Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Oddysey” for the first time. I went to the “trivia” page in and discovered this: “The band M83’s song “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun” was written to be synced with the “Stargate” sequence.”  Read on to […]


Interview: SPOIWO

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Earlier this year, Polish based SPOIWO released one of the best albums I’ve listened to in 2015 called Salute Solitude. Heavy synths, guitars and resonating drums which create a dark, brooding atmosphere that’s as epic as it is quiet and beautiful. A stunning release so I was eager to find out more of this band […]


Walking around Landschaftspark – Duisburg

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The Landschaftspark in Duisburg – Germany is an awesome area with a big non-functional coal and steel plant. Nature is taking over this area and the combination of steel, long pipes, ovens and nature’s green is simply amazing. It’s a fantastic park to walk around and there’s a lot to explore. A perfect setting for some bleak […]


Walking around ghost town Doel – Belgium

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Postrock music appeals to a broad spectrum of emotions. A lot of Postrock is a bit dark, melancholic and bleak. Perfect music for setting the tone while walking around the ghost town of Doel – Belgium. Pics and movie inside.

Postrock Media Survey

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Hi Dear Postrock Fans! I made a survey to gain information about your media-usage, so the Psotrock community will have better insights where to reach you and keep you informed. You would do me a big favor if you fill in the survey. I’ll make a raport out of the data and will make it […]

christmas rock

Christmas is coming!

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In a couple of weeks, it’s Christmas time. Food, family and awful music. Tired of Wham!, Mariah Carey, Frankie goes to Hollywood (no, wait, you never get tired of FGTH, ok?) and Chris Rea on the radio? Here’s some great Christmas – esque postrock to saves those musically dreadful days! By 65daysofstatic, Blueneck, Mogwai and […]

Interview: Gilson Heitinga of “Atlantis”

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A cool interview with the founder of Atlantis. Read all about the new album La Petite Mort, his inspirations and much more.