Mooncake Zaris

Must Hear Postrock: Mooncake – Dimension of Miracles

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After the fantastic Dunk! Festival announced that the Russian based Mooncake will play on the 2017 edition, I delved into their music. I knew the band by name, but hadn’t listened to them a lot. Damn, glad I did. There’s one track that definitely needs to be featured on my Must-Hear Postrock segment. That song is […]


Must Hear Postrock: Sleepmakeswaves – I will write peace on your wings and you will fly over the world

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Sleepmakeswaves, a fantastisc band from Australia, cannot be missed in this segment. It’s a band that represents the best music in the genre. The combination of guitars, synths, drums and electronics sound fantastic. Energetic and quiet segments in just the right time, these guys know how to write music. Over the course of the years, […]


Must Hear Postrock: The end of the Ocean – We always think there is going to be more time…

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If you want your Postrock tracks with great build-ups, quiet segments, epic riffs and an emotional connection? Look no further, this is the right track for you by The End of the Ocean.


Must Hear Postrock: Kwoon – Ayron Norya

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A new entry in the list of Must Hear Postrock tracks: Listen to Kwoon – Ayron Norya! 


Must Hear Postrock – The American Dollar – The Slow Wait Part 1

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This is kinda cool. Not only a must-hear, but also a must-see! Check out this fantastic emotional animation full with comfort and relief, with great music by The American Dollar band 

Low - I Could live in hope

Must Hear Postrock: Low – Lullaby

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Wow, I just recently heard this song and without a doubt, this deserves a big spot in my Must-Hear Postrock section. Listen to Low – Lullaby!


Must Hear Postrock: Tides from Nebula – These Days, Glory Days

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Poland based Tides from Nebula played a rather excellent show at  Dunk! 2014 festival and is a fantastic band within the genre. Listen to These Days, Glory Days…..Top Notch Must-Hear postrock! 

Blueneck_the Fallen Host

Must Hear Postrock: Blueneck – Lilitu

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Blueneck is a fantastic Postrock / ambient / vocal band from Bristol. They make some of the best Postrock tracks with beautiful vocals. Their grand but introvert track Lilitu  definitely deserves a spot in the Must Hear Postrock section. Read and listen why!  


Must Hear Postrock: TWDY-Burial on the Presidio Banks

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Read about and listen to one of the best tracks ever by This Will Destroy You: Burial on the Presidio Banks!

Must Hear Postrock: Frames – Don’t Stay Here

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For me, currently the best Postrock track ever released…. listen to the band Frames – Don’t Stay Here! This single track is THE reason that Postrock is one of the best and emotional genres within the rock-sphere. Loud piano’s, almost metal-esque sounding guitars, xylophones, slow and fast segments … this track is an emotional tour de force. At the fast […]