Music Submission – March 2017

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Wow, what a luxurious life. I’m receiving a lot of music-submissions, so here’s another selection of excellent music! Best recommendations: Terraformer and George Will.


Music submissions: February 2017

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A new year which means a lot of new Postrock to discover! Enjoy some great new music right here.


Music Submissions: december 2016

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Another round of some cool new music that was sent my way! Discover Dutch based Downriver Dead Men Go, new releases by 2 bands from South America, Bulgarian Doom, Canadian ambient and more! 

Music submission – september 2016

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Hi there. Seems like a while ago, sorry for that. Here’s some great music I received in my mail the last months. Thanks to all artists for supplying me the info and download codes.  


Music submission – january 2016

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I’ve got some great new music in my mailbox. If you have a couple of minutes to spend, discover great new music right here!

The October Solution

November 2015

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Wow, it’s very busy in my mailbox. Lots of bands promoting their new music. Here’s a cool selection of new music to discover. Ambient, Post Metal, Postrock, Dream-pop and more. Includes a lot of free-to-download music.          

Music submission – September 2015

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Been long overdue, I’m very busy with construction works in my new home but that doesn’t stop the album submissions (luckily 🙂 ). Discover some great new music from Siberia, New York and Italy.

Final Days Society - Icebreaker

Final Days Society – Icebreaker

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Swedish based Final Days Society is a band that’s within the genre for a pretty long period. After 4 years, they released their album Icebreaker. Listen to some great tracks! 


Postrock Discoveries october 2014

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Well, I discovered some excellent new Postrock music that’s too good not to share. Enjoy!


Litro – CLOE

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Italian based Litro just released a video for their new track called CLOE from their album Art is Freedom: Free Yourselves. After Schmetterling, CLOE is another great track from their album and well worth your attention. Dream like Postrock with shoegaze elements and chanting. Great stuff, enjoy!