Boundless festival

Event: Boundless Festival – W2 Den Bosch

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Wow, seems like Postrock is getting some more attention in the Netherlands. Discover the awesome bands that will play on “Boundless festival” April 8, W2 Poppodium – Den Bosch and read why you should come!            

Soup - Remedies

2017: Year in Postrock review

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On the brink of another new year, here’s the best of the best from 2017! Not a list with 50 albums, just short and sweet advice. Best album Winner: Soup – Remedies Remedies by soup So…. Soup from Norway. A cool band with some postrock influences delivered their new album “Remedies” this year. Every once […]

Nordic Giants

Live media: Nordic Giants – Live at W2 Poppodium

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Wednesday November 29, we had Nordic Giants on the stage in lovely Den Bosch. A visual treat, combined with great music. It’s a sight to behold and music with a powerful message. A band that combines audio and visuals to a fantastic result. Their show keeps me busy for days now, it’s constantly spinning in […]


Music submissions: November 2017

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Well, the last two months of the year are here. packed full with new series, videogames, concerts…. and.. music submissions! Discover some great new Postrock (inspired) music for the cold, cold winter coming at you soon.

We Stood Like Kings - USA 1982 album

We Stood Like Kings & SPOIWO – Live at W2 Poppodium

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Thursday 21 – 9- 2017 was a great mid-week day: We had We Stood Like Kings and SPOIWO in the cosy town of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. 2 video’s right here!       We Stood Like Kings This Belgian based band is high on piano and movies. With the album”USA 1982″, they made a completely new soundtrack […]


Music submission – july 2017

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Summer is here! To amplify your outdoor music, here are some great bands for you to play in your garden, at the beach or on your balcony. Enjoy.

Dunk 2017 review

Dunk! 2017 festival review + live media

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Here’s my Dunk! 2017 review, after 3 fantastic days full with great music and people. Enjoy the review and 12 live recordings! 

Soup - Remedies

Review: Soup – Remedies

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Soup, a band from Norway which has a pretty long track record now. I’ve known them since their release of Children of E.L.B. with a special mention to the track: “We share the same breath”.  Soup plays a mixture of Postrock / Indie rock / progrock with vocals. For me, Soup was an interesting band to listen […]

So far as I Know - Cosmogony

So Far As I Know – Cosmogony

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Another edition to the must-view Postrock section. Featuring Russian based So Far As I Know – Cosmogony. Discover right here why this is a must view and hear Postrock track!  


Music Submission – March 2017

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Wow, what a luxurious life. I’m receiving a lot of music-submissions, so here’s another selection of excellent music! Best recommendations: Terraformer and George Will.